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Who am I?

Some things I've done in my 51 years:

  • taught piano lessons, worked street fairs as a face-painter

  • worked as Operations Manager at a resort spa

  • worked as a caregiver for Alzheimer's patients

  • served as Executive Director of a non-profit for single mothers

  • massage therapist

  • home-schooled my 2 (now grown) kids

  • been divorced 

  • been single for 12 years

  • married my best friend, dream lover and soul mate (yeah, that's all one man!)

Some things I like:

  • dogs

  • being Mimi to my grandchildren

  • binge-watching Netflix

  • stout beer

  • carne asada fries, buffalo wings, coffee and smoking (yes, I know)

  • laughing

Some things I don't like:

  • shopping

  • anything to do with car maintenance

  • running out of smokes. or coffee.