Need to Talk?

I will Listen.

Isn't it strange that we talk least
about the things we think about most?
~ Charles Lindbergh

Why do I Listen?

Because it makes a difference and I'm good at it.

There. That's the short answer!

A longer answer would be this:

Most of us never get the chance to talk about what is in our heads or on our hearts. Things can build up in such a way that it negatively impacts our ability to think clearly, or decide on an action to take. Or, there are things that were left unsaid, and now it seems "too late". 


I believe that having an opportunity to talk to a really good listener is immensely beneficial to our mental and emotional health as human beings. Not only have I always been the kind of person that people seemed to naturally open up to, I have developed my own listening ability in such a way that the person talking feels valued, heard and understood.  I have had so many roles in my life that positioned me to learn to do this. 


I've also been "the talker" and had a great listener allow me to vent with no judgement of what I said or how I said it. I've had opportunity to blurt out every thought with no regard to whether it made sense or not. The gift of being able to spill it all without the other person having an agenda to "fix" me is simply glorious.​


It's your turn. You need to talk. I will listen.


Choose your


You are not limited by the menu of choices here! They are all 90 minutes in length and all are $60.00. You may want to talk about EVERYTHING on the menu!

Go ahead and pick one guessed it...I will listen!